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Why choose BrainJolt?

BrainJolt is an all-natural nootropic formula providing the perfect blend of vitamins, caffeine, and herbal extracts, for heightened mental focus and concentration, improved short- and long-term memory, improved executive brain function, and faster eye-hand coordination.

What’s the best way to use BrainJolt?

BrainJolt comes in easy-to-swallow caps. Take one cap, twice per day with food. We recommend one with breakfast and one with lunch.

How long will a bottle of BrainJolt last?

Each bottle contains 60 caps. If taken twice a day as recommended, one bottle of BrainJolt should last you about a month.

Are there any allergy concerns with BrainJolt?

BrainJolt is manufactured in a tree nut, peanut, wheat, and soy-free environment. BrainJolt is also vegan-friendly, gluten-free, allergen-free, and GMO-free.

How effective is BrainJolt?

BrainJolt is designed with a dual short-term and long-term mechanism for brain improvement. Short-term, you feel a sharper focus and clarity of mind. As your brain continues to grow with the formulation of BrainJolt available, your executive brain function, and eye-hand coordination will improve over a period of two to six months. Continued use of BrainJolt will help to maintain your new levels of brain performance.

Should I exercise while on BrainJolt?

Absolutely! Exercise has been shown to improve cognitive performance by up to fifty percent alone. Imagine how much you could improve your cognitive performance if you exercise AND took BrainJolt regularly.

Will BrainJolt fix my brain injury?

Unfortunately, no product can fix a brain injury. BUT BrainJolt can give your brain what it needs to build a new pathway to replace the pathways you’ve lost due to injury. While you sleep, your brain creates new neurons; this process is called neurogenesis. These new brain cells are used to create new brain structures based on your mental and physical exertions during recovery.

Should I take BrainJolt while pregnant?

Do not take BrainJolt while pregnant. There simply has not been enough research done to know what effects it will have on a baby that is still developing in the womb.